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And if you're missing me
You better keep it to yourself
Cause coming back around here
Would be bad for your health

Sure, she'd done it to herself. And sure, she'd listened to a lot of ridicule in doing so.

"He only married her because he couldn't have Starbuck."

"He only married her because Starbuck married Anders."

"He only married her because-"

Because, because, because.

She'd only married HIM because. Or maybe it was 'in spite of'. In spite of the fact that he loved Starbuck. In spite of the fact that he couldn't have the woman he wanted. In spite of the fact that he flaunted his half-assed affair in front of her and most of the fleet.

And even then, she'd put up with it. She took him back when he'd said he was sorry. Maybe she'd only taken him back because NOT taking him back would have cast a bigger shadow on him, and on his father: someone she would never disrespect. The amount of admiration she had for William Adama would far outweigh the amount of discomfort and humiliation she could (and would) put up with from his son. Dee could never have looked at herself in the mirror again if she'd disappointed the Admiral.

The son who pushed her aside when he didn't need her and clung to her when he did. The son who used her to make a statement to the woman he loved while loving her, too. The son who did far more to disrespect his father and those closest to him than Anastasia Dualla could EVER have done.

Lee Adama, the son. Lee Adama, the hero. Mr. Lee Adama, the civilian, given his walking papers and a plaque, by his wife, in front of the crew of Galactica.

And what did he do? He made a joke. Ill timed at best and callous at worst, Dee smiled, as she always did. "Goodbye, Lee."

A hug and she was back in CIC by the end of the hour. She certainly hoped that by simply wearing her wedding band she wasn't expected to take him back if he changed his mind.


She wasn't sure she was that strong.

Dee Dualla
357 Words (not including lyrics)
Battlestar Galactica


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