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Getting ready for the show.

Dee had no idea what that entailed, but given the scope of their conversation (and the desperation with which Lee hadn't wanted the video he'd taken to be seen by his father and Roslin), she had a feeling that the evening's entertainment was going to be something worth seeing.

Leaving the CIC, she didn't bother making any side trips, instead choosing to head straight to her quarters and the bunk she knew Lee was supposedly waiting in. Pulling open the door, she shut it behind her, aware that privacy wasn't something that was assured, even when she was fairly certain that the rest of her bunkmates were still on duty for a few more hours, at the very least.

"The anticipation has been killing me."

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What could possibly be better than Lee Adama, Apollo himself, propped up on your bed wearing nothing but your comfy sheets? What is clearly a child's first birthday candle set in one corner of the already cramped quarters, just to illuminate this scene?

So many things. Earth, for starters. But Dee doesn't have that luxury unfortunately so here's for this.

"Has it? I've been ready too, all damn day."

Lee, confident officer, competent officer, resident fly-boy and all around good-guy. He tries to show some of that confidence now in the easy tilt of his chin, his mouth-- but a little of that awkwardness shows in the way he's propped up on one elbow and keeps fiddling with the blanket around his hip.


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His grin quickly matches hers, heart thudding dangerously hard in his chest when he sees her grin blossom, when the eagerness shows in her prowl towards him and damn-- Dee can prowl. Never would have thought-- well, Lee doesn't want anyone else to have that thought. Not about his-- whatever they are.

He reaches for her, instead, hands finding her hips while the blanket shifts dangerously low, and he can't help looking at her mouth, plush and soft.

"That's rather generous of you, Lieutenant."

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Beaming, he kisses her back, just as deep and wanton and fulfilled-- it just takes that spark and they're so-- they're so good. Why does he always have to fuck it up?

Lee cups her face with one hand, presses his mouth to hers, to her nose, her brow, reverent.

"You're too good."
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He's too stubborn to let thoughts such as those-- things he's done to ruin this moment. Too selfish, more like. When did you get this pathetic, Adama? Can hardly look your own wife in the eye.

He kisses the corners of her mouth, tracing that smile with his own, while deft fingers begin to tug her out of her tank, the pads of each finger lovingly tracing her curves, the shapes of her breasts beneath, her ribs.

"I can handle that."
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