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I think my marriage might have been a mistake.

Don't get me wrong. Do I think Lee cares about me? Sure. I think Lee feels some kind of obligation to hold to the vows that he took. At least while he's still married.

Kara said it herself. He won't cheat because he's too 'honorable'. Of course, being Kara, she's only thinking of a quick frak in the back of a Raptor. She's not taking into account all of the mental and emotional cheating that's already happened.

When I married Lee, I knew I wasn't getting the full man, so I guess I can't really say that I didn't know what I was getting into. I don't think that excuses what he's done and I did expect some level of discretion. Some kind of respect.

Ever since the Dance, speculation about Lee and Kara has been running rampant. Sending your wife after the one person that everyone knows that you've always had a 'thing' for kind of seals the deal. Now, true, usually the people discussing my husband's sex life have the courtesy to shut up when I walk into a room. The looks, the whispers...

Who's fooling who, here? Everyone saw the reunion between Starbuck and Sam when we got back. And just as many people saw Lee looking like someone had just taken away his flying privileges. Or the love of his life.

My marriage is worse than a mistake. It's not even just a lie before the Gods.

It's a joke. And everyone's having fun with the punchline except me.

Oh, and maybe Sam.

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